Advancing Industry Quality with Membrane Technology Innovations

With rapid global economic growth, environmental pollution has surged, driving a heightened emphasis on environmental protection. Membrane separation technology, recognized as a leading clean technology of the 21st century, is now widely used in various sectors for tasks like challenging wastewater treatment, advanced municipal sewage treatment, water recycling, ultrapure water production, and seawater desalination.

China’s advancements in ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes have seen the rise of prominent companies like Jin Membrane Technology and Jiuwu High-tech. With a high degree of production localization and self-sufficiency reaching approximately 85%, China’s membrane industry has formed a robust and competitive industrial cluster.

Three key factors are driving the growth of membrane technology. First, China’s escalating water scarcity necessitates efficient wastewater resource utilization, with membrane technology playing a pivotal role. The government’s “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Utilization of Wastewater Resources” emphasizes achieving a recycled water utilization rate of 25% or more in water-scarce cities by 2025. Membrane technology is crucial in achieving this objective due to its exceptional separation capabilities.

Second, stringent environmental regulations, including the revised Environmental Protection Law, are compelling sewage treatment companies to adopt more efficient methods. Membrane technology’s efficiency and quality make it an optimal choice for these companies.

Third, China’s severe water shortage, with per capita resources at only one-quarter of the world average, has spurred the development of seawater desalination as a strategic solution. The “National Seawater Utilization Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” underscores the significance of seawater desalination, with reverse osmosis technology representing a dominant approach.

Furthermore, as membrane technology has matured and costs have declined, its advantages over alternative water treatment methods have driven rapid industry growth. Notable players include DuPont, HydraNon, LG, Wharton, Xylem, Lisheng, Asahi Kasei, CSM, Sano, Bluewater, Veseb, Qinsen, among others.

Last September, General Secretary Xi Jinping introduced “new quality productivity,” propelling its widespread adoption and emphasis. This year’s government work report prioritizes accelerating the development of “new quality productivity” to build a modern industrial system.

“New quality productivity” is defined by three key attributes: high technology, efficiency, and quality. Across industries, particularly in environmental protection, the shift from quantity to quality has become paramount. Membrane technology stands out as the industry’s “new productivity,” facilitating the transformation from high energy consumption and pollution to low, significantly advancing industry quality.

At the core of membrane separation technology are membrane materials, categorized by pore size: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis. Microfiltration membranes (0.05-10μm) excel in removing suspended particles and microorganisms from sewage. Ultrafiltration membranes (0.02-0.1μm) intercept impurities like suspended solids, colloids, and organic matter. Nanofiltration membranes (<2nm) effectively remove water impurities. Reverse osmosis membranes (0.0001~0.01μm) offer unparalleled filtration precision, ideal for desalination and pure water production.

These membranes exhibit superior performance across various water treatment scenarios, particularly in MBR processes combining biological treatment with membrane technology. MBR processes ensure efficient solid-liquid separation, minimize sludge expansion, enhance organic matter degradation efficiency, and reduce sewage plant sludge pressure.

Innovative Applications of Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis find extensive use in seawater desalination and ultrapure water preparation. Reverse osmosis technology, for instance, excels in high desalination rates, adaptability to varying water qualities, and environmental friendliness, making it ideal for a range of critical applications.

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