Exhibits Range

Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment:

Sludge Disposal, Integrated Wastewater Treatment Equipment, Evaporation Crystallization Systems, Advanced Wastewater Technologies and Equipment, Air Flotation Equipment, Filtration and Sedimentation Equipment, Evaporators, Crystallizers, Pollution Interception Devices, Mixing Equipment, Dosing Equipment, PE Containers, etc.

Disinfection and Sterilization:

Sterilization Lamps, Sterilizers, Ozone Generators, Sodium Hypochlorite Generators, and Chlorine Dioxide Generators, etc.

Wastewater and Sewage Supporting Products:

Filtration Equipment, Activated Carbon, Water Treatment Agents, Oil-Water Separation Equipment, etc.

Membrane and Membrane Accessories

Membrane Products:
MF Microfiltration Membranes, UF Ultrafiltration Membranes, NF Nanofiltration Membranes, RO Reverse Osmosis Membranes, EDI Technologies and Equipment, MBR Technologies and Equipment, DTRO Membranes, STRO Membranes, Ceramic Membranes, Membrane Housings, Membrane-Making Equipment, Roll Membrane Equipment, Membrane Modules, Industrial Filter Elements, Filter Materials, Resins, Filters, Membrane Water Treatment Chemicals, and Other Membranes and Related Products, etc.

Membrane Equipment:
Reverse Osmosis Equipment, Ultrapure Water Equipment, Softened Water Equipment, Seawater Desalination Equipment, Garbage Leachate Equipment, and Other Membrane Equipment, etc.

Municipal Engineering and Water Ecological Management

Water Affairs, River Treatment Technologies, Ecological Restoration and Protection Technologies and Equipment, Village Water Ecological Environment Protection, Water Supply and Sewage Treatment Services, etc.

Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment Products and Equipment, Boiler Chemical Cleaning, Boiler Physical Cleaning, Boiler Water Treatment Agents, etc.

Instruments and Apparatus

Water Quality/Temperature/Pressure/Flow/Hydrology/Thermal Measurement Monitoring, Instrumentation Technologies and Equipment, Water Environment Monitoring, Sensor Technologies and Products, etc.