Event Recap: Watertech China 2024

The Shanghai edition of Watertech China concluded with unparalleled success, marking a significant milestone in the global water treatment industry’s calendar.

Held from June 3rd to 5th at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, the event attracted industry leaders and innovators from around the world. Over the course of three days, attendees were immersed in the latest water treatment products and equipment, witnessed classic project case displays, and gained insights from the most authoritative industry interpretations. The exhibition showcased the world’s most advanced water treatment technologies and solutions, while also providing a premier networking platform for industry professionals.

The first day saw an overwhelming turnout, highlighting the event’s importance and the high level of interest in the sector. The exhibition took place during a pivotal year, as 2024 marks the sprint toward achieving the “14th Five-Year Plan” goals. The push for large-scale equipment renewal is intensifying, bolstered by the launch of a new round of central environmental protection inspections. This has accelerated the elimination of outdated equipment and the transformation of the industry, reflecting a national consensus on these priorities.

The industry faces both pressure and motivation, with a significant surge in demand for equipment replacements in key sectors such as steel, chemicals, construction, coking, cement, and nonferrous metals. Municipal environmental protection projects are also advancing with high-end, low-carbon, and intelligent upgrades, signaling a leap forward.

In the water purification market, there has been a notable shift driven by consumers’ growing demand for healthy, safe, and comfortable drinking water. The industry has entered its “second half,” where key players are returning to foundational excellence. The challenge now lies in breaking through industry bottlenecks through a combination of internal and external strategies, capturing consumer mindshare to enhance brand influence, and creating diversified, multi-scenario usage needs.

Watertech China 2024 not only showcased top-tier strength but also highlighted unlimited business opportunities.

A Vibrant First Day

The exhibition hall was abuzz with enthusiastic visitors and a strong media presence, injecting vitality into the atmosphere. Preliminary estimates indicate that over 100 exhibition groups attended, contributing to the event’s vibrant and dynamic environment. The successful execution of the 15th Watertech China has further elevated its influence, sending a powerful message to the entire upstream and downstream sectors of the water treatment industry about leading quality and high-end development.

The event showcased the creation power of over 2,500 top-tier brands, including industry giants such as Three Gorges Smart Water, Baowu Water, Jiangnan Water, Jingjin, Canature, Tongchen, Boyi, Zhongqiao Qidi, Ecowater, Qinyuan, Midea, Angel, Haier, Pentair, Conetiq, DuPont, LG, Hydra Energy, Wharton Technology, Lisheng, Grundfos, Visible, and CSM. The Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center was brimming with the overwhelming enthusiasm of the audience that nearly broke attendance records.

New Opportunities in a Saturated Market

In an era where the water treatment market is saturated, the need for large-scale equipment replacement and the incremental expansion of smart water services have presented new opportunities and challenges for the industry. As the event drew to a close, water treatment professionals were left pondering the new patterns of the future that had been unveiled during this peak encounter.

This year’s edition of Watertech China proved to be an industry-defining event, setting the stage for future advancements and innovations in water treatment.

Comprehensive Showcase

The exhibition covered a wide range of sectors including sewage, sludge, water purification systems, drinking water equipment, comfortable home solutions, consumables and accessories, wastewater treatment, industrial water purification, membrane and membrane components, pumps and valves, pipelines and instruments, and water quality analysis. It featured the “elites” of the entire water treatment industry chain in a one-stop showcase. The launch of over 1,000 new products, along with more than 40 new product launch conferences on the first day, captivated the audience and generated waves of excitement.

Diverse Audience

The event attracted a diverse audience from industries such as government departments, design institutes, sewage treatment plants, environmental protection projects, water companies, and water groups. It also drew participants from the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, real estate, hotel sectors, and high-quality distributors and engineering companies in water purification, home appliances, kitchen and bathroom, building materials, and HVAC fields.

Attendees not only gained insights into the latest information and business models of the water treatment industry but also upgraded their supply chain and operational capabilities while exploring innovative products.

Watertech China successfully highlighted the dynamic and evolving landscape of the water treatment industry, leaving participants eager for future advancements and collaborations.

Overseas Buyers Flock In

This year’s edition saw a remarkable influx of overseas buyers, significantly elevating the event’s prestige and impact.

On the first day, water treatment professionals noted the presence of numerous overseas buyer groups throughout the exhibition halls. The dedicated overseas buyer matching area in Hall 7.1 was bustling with activity, underscoring the exhibition’s ascent to a new level of international engagement.

High-Energy Highlights

The event continued to deliver high-energy highlights, thanks to a strategic partnership between Watertech China and the world-renowned exhibition group, Informa Markets. This collaboration attracted over 5,000 overseas visitors from Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, as well as buyers from 10 ASEAN countries and thousands more from Belt and Road cooperation countries such as the Middle East and South Asia. This diverse international presence fostered in-depth exchanges and close cooperation between domestic and foreign water treatment industries, paving the way for new growth opportunities.

Introducing International Brands

In terms of “bringing in,” the exhibition consistently performed at a high level, showcasing thousands of high-quality international brands. Notable brands included PHILIPS, PILLER, Kubota, ECOWATER SYSTEMS, PENTAIR, ELKAY, JODO, Kinetico, Naturaquell, DELTA, Panasonic, WET, DuPont, HYDRANAUTICS, LG, CSM, Xylem, TORAY, Kurita, Asahi Kasei, Hankgo, Electropure, Samyang, Aquaporin, Kuraray,  METAWATER, TENTOK, TEIJIN, BOWNT, Landson, Gradiant, IONEND, ECONITY, and CROSSTEK, among others. These brands brought with them advanced technologies and innovative solutions, creating a dynamic fusion of cutting-edge thinking from both domestic and international fronts.

This year’s exhibition represented a collision of advanced ideas and a cross-ocean connection of global water treatment resources. Attendees had the unique opportunity to explore these innovations in a thrilling showdown of cutting-edge technology.

Watertech China 2024 not only showcased the latest advancements in the industry but also facilitated meaningful international collaborations, setting a high bar for future events.

Engaging Theme Forums

In addition to showcasing new products, technologies, and solutions, the event’s highlight each year is its comprehensive series of theme forums. This year’s forums included:

2024 Second Digital Water Innovation Forum

2024 China Membrane Industry Development Summit

China Water Supply and Drainage 2024 Sludge Treatment and Disposal Forum

IWLF International Industrial Water Leaders Forum

2024 Third Village and Town Water Supply and Drainage Practical Technology Seminar

2024 Water Purification & Purification Commercial Channel New Quality Development Summit

2024 China Healthy Environment Appliances Innovation Product Technology Trend Forum

6th China Water Purification Industry Innovation and Development Conference

Water Purification HVAC Engineering Conference

These forums, launched simultaneously on the first day, addressed forward-looking topics such as data elements in water, rural sewage, municipal water supply and sewage, sludge treatment and disposal, healthy environment appliances, commercial water purification channels, and HVAC engineering. They attracted numerous visitors eager to exchange knowledge and learn.

Innovative Activities

But the excitement didn’t end there. Watertech China also introduced innovative activities and experiences, such as an immersive EXPO WALK that combined industry, academia, research, awards, new product launches, and case displays. Highlights included:

“China Indoor Healthy and Comfortable Environment CCMSA-Wie Tec Innovation Award”

“2024 Water Purification Industry Technician 5A Selection”

“FLOWTECH CHINA National Fluid Equipment Technology Innovation Award”

This year’s edition of Watertech China was a vibrant showcase of cutting-edge exhibits and activities that left attendees in awe. Mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in the unending excitement of next year’s event. Stay tuned for updates on must-see exhibits and activities, and prepare for an unforgettable experience at the 2025 Watertech China!